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Get in Touch

If you are an employer or jobseeker and want to find out more about our training offer, please contact Recruitment Project Manager, Margaret Bartnikiewicz via email at or call 07503 620815


For Employers

We work with employers across the hospitality, leisure and tourism sector to help upskill employees through our variety of courses and training programmes. Our training offer can include bespoke elements to meet the individual needs of your business and staff.
Upskilling employees not only enhances the performance of your business and experience of your customers, but rewards employees by investing in their future. If you would like to discuss how our training offer can benefit your business, please get in touch. 

For Jobseekers

Looking to pursue a career in hospitality? Our courses can provide you with valuable skills, experience and confidence to take that next step. We offer a variety of pre-employment training and work with leading employers in the sector, who we can match you with on completion of training.
Upskilling is a great way to expand your capabilities and the opportunities available to you, so get in touch for more information on the training we provide.