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Is Hospitality the new frontier for young people entering the workforce?

With so many vacancies and the potential to start a long, flourishing career, the Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality sectors might just be right for you to make your first steps into work- and here’s why. With the Hospitality industry set up to flourish again, as vast swathes of the general public are wanting to go outside and eat and enjoy the amenities of their city, there’s a ...

Hospitality Talent Hub- Skills Gaps- where do you fit in?

With the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism industries growing rapidly, opportunities like never before are flooding in- are you considering a career in Hospitality? There could be a space for you. The Hospitality industry was worth over £9 billion, pre-lockdown, hiring over 100,000 people in a wide variety of roles. As the pandemic continued, this naturally declined- there’s no ...

Ready to Change Careers?

Career opportunities are available within the Growth Company- are you looking to change careers?

Margaret Bartnikiewicz speaks about the leisure, tourism and hospitality sector with GC Employment

The GC Tourism and Hospitality Talent Hub has been a beacon of support throughout the pandemic. It’s an inarguable fact that the tourism, hospitality and leisure industries have been hit the hardest during the pandemic. Margaret Bartnikiewicz, Recruitment Project Manager for the GC Tourism and Hospitality Talent Hub, was interviewed by GC Employment. She speaks out on her expe ...

COVID Business Support available for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector

There is support available online for businesses affected by COVID-19. Read on to learn more about ways in which your business can be supported through these turbulent times.