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At the GC Talent & Hospitality Hub, we’re happy to work alongside some of the leading employers in hospitality and tourism, as well as partner with great resources in the industry that offer help to businesses and individuals alike.

We’re partnered with:

So Let's Talk

So Lets Talk is a not-for-profit platform with a mission to “86 the silence”.

They exist to provide education, events, training and activities on all aspects of mental, physical and financial health inside of the hospitality industry. Working with hospitality focused individuals, businesses, groups, and organisations along with renowned experts from the fields of health, nutrition, exercise and beyond, they develop bespoke solutions for the specific needs of those who operate in or with the hospitality industry.

They’re founded by Patrick Howley, an experienced worker of over 10 years in the hospitality industry who fell afoul of the long hours and tough working schedules that can be prevalent, which drove him to substance abuse. To provide support for others, Patrick bravely built himself back up, and started So Let’s Talk, a not-for-profit platform at the time, an avenue of support that was not available to hospitality staff just like him.