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Work Placements

We understand that providing a professional work placement to a young person has countless benefits to them - such as helping them to enhance their CV, develop new skills and gain confidence. There are many positives for your business, too. It is a great chance for any of your staff who want to progress into management to take part in mentoring and develop their own leadership skills. You could also be introduced to fresh ideas and showcase the fact that you're a socially responsible employer. Support will be given to the employer, helping to develop clear objectives for the individual.


Work Placements are:

- Available to students will be aged between 16-19
- Have a duration of 12 weeks, 2 days per week at your company
- In any department, in any role, with an assigned mentor

Traineeships are a great opportunity for young people to gain the skills and experience they need to flourish in the industry. Traineeships are the perfect way to train the right people who will help you to realise your business goals, grow with your company and address a growing skills gap.

Traineeships are:

- Available to people aged 16-18
- Over a duration between six weeks and six months
- A combination of work preparation training and a work experience placement